You may have just made the best decision in your life in regards to your child’s care and education. Our Center is fully licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, and as such, the strict guidelines for your child’s safety and wellbeing are upheld. 


Our staff are highly skilled in the art of Education and Child Care.  Our small class size ensures your child's safety and comfort. Our outdoor play area is ONE OF THE LARGEST IN DELAWARE COUNTY!


Our curriculum integrates the learning standards set forth by quality assurance agencies such as the Keystone Stars program and the Department of Education. We realize the importance of  catering to each individual child’s needs. As your child grows and develops, our teachers will be there to nurture them and design activities around their unique learning style. Our goal is to expand a child’s knowledge – never to frustrate them. Your child will be treated with love and respect – in hopes that these qualities will stick with them throughout life. We believe in hands-on learning so that they can use all their senses to absorb the lesson, which appeals to children – of any age.


You will come to know each teacher as a member of your own family. Together, you will work with them to make each day at The Right Track as fun-filled as possible. Sprinkled into this fun will be lots of learning and guidance in a developmentally-appropriate setting.


The Right Track is open to all people regardless of race, nationality, gender, creed, sexual orientation, disability, color, religion, veteran status, ancestry, sex or age.

The Right Track Daycare  is a fully-licensed Day Care facility that gladly accepts CCIS.  We have been proudly serving Delaware County, Ridley Township and Ridley Park for over 5 years.
We are an Equal Opportunity Care Provider.
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